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Hydropool manufactures 3 separate hot tub lines, each with its own unique qualities. Whether you want all the custom features imaginable, or want to include the specific features that identify with your lifestyle, you are sure to discover the perfect hot tub to benefit your individual lifestyle!

All of our hot tubs are equipped with Triple thermal shield technology, insulating our hot tubs for the coldest temperatures anywhere in the world. This very same technology is used by NASA to protect its astronauts from the -270 degree cold of outer space, and allows our hot tubs to be ranked in the top three globally for stand-by wattage and energy efficiency. We were one of the first to be approved under the strict California Energy Commission regulations, something we maintain today.

The Hydropool Self-cleaning line of hot tubs has made Hydropool who we are; one of the largest hot tub manufactures in the world. Elegantly styled and fully featured, with the most sophisticated filtration system in the industry, our self-cleaning line utilizes a pressurized filtration system, filtering 100% of the water in only 15 minutes, saving you time and money so you can enjoy what really matters, spending time with loved ones. Our self-cleaning line offers 9 specialized models in 13 series throughout the entire line. With an endless list of additional options, ranging from our Tranquility Package, to Northern Lights, HydroFlex Air Therapy system to the Hydro Clear Pure Water system, there is something for everyone in the family. The Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub will create more time for what matters.

The Hydropool Serenity line offers 6 unique models with 11 different series in all. Customizing your hot tub with a variety of options such as our signature Starfall package or our HydroClear Pure Water system, gives you everything you need to have the hot tub of your dreams.

Hydropool is the proud manufacture of La-Z-Boy brand Hot Tubs. Featuring the 6 C’s: Comfort, Customizable massage, Convenient maintenance, Craftsmanship, Cost efficiency, and Consumer protection, a La-Z-Boy hot tub offers an experience like no other. With three exciting collections of luxury portable residential hot tubs; Premier, Signature, and Classic, you are certain to find the perfect hot tub for your needs and wants. The La-Z-Boy Hot Tub line includes a total of 9 models with the Signature Collection featuring four high quality mid-priced models and the Premier Collection offering three cutting edge hot tub designs. The entry level Classic Collection includes 2 models with great starter features and a compelling price point.

Save up to $4,500 on a Hot Tub!
Offer ends Mar 7th


What Our Customers Have To Say

  • We bought our first hot tub from Hydropool after a long process of researching and visiting many hot tub companies. We made our decision not only because we felt that Hydropool hot tubs were superior and Canadian made but also because the staff went above and beyond to make sure we were buying the right hot tub for our needs and were very respectful to our budget. They followed up after delivery and are very quick to respond to any of our questions when we have them. I will definitely recommend Hydropool Mississauga to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a hot tub. Don’t even waste your time going anywhere else!

    – Keith & Nikki S.

  • My husband and I purchased our hot tub model 695 platinum from Hydropool in Mississauga. We looked at a lot of other manufacturers of hot tubs for many months. We decided to go with Hydropool for various reasons. They’re Canadian built right in Mississauga, the parts are Canadian built, and their customer service is exceptional!! Carmen Deacetis the manager at Hydropool Mississauga is extremely helpful and timely in his responses in all phases of our purchase of our hot tub. Not only at the time of sale, but he came to assist with the installation of the hot tub. He physically assisted in setting the tub into our deck.

    – Nancy and Claude A.

  • We bought a Hydropool hot tub a few months ago from one of their big sales and love it! The delivery was very smooth and professional, the spa runs great, super-efficient on the energy bill too. Every time I visit the store they have been very helpful. It’s great the spas are made in Mississauga too, nice to support a Canadian business.

    – Noelle W.